The Resurrection and the Life

Pastor takes us to John 11:17-27 and continues the narrative around the death and resurrection of Lazarus. Join us in listening as he tells us of Jesus’ conversation with Martha, as he consoles and comforts and assures her by drawing her attention and faith to Him, and she affirms Him with her words. 

We have two YouTube links below – the first is a playlist with an uninterrupted service with songs of joy (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, Joy of the Lord, and Joy Has Dawned Upon the World), reading God’s word together, and Pastor’s sermon.  The second is just the sermon.  You also have the option of just listening to the audio at the bottom.

The entire service – a time for singing together, reading God’s word together, and Pastor’s sermon.
Sermon only – no singing together, no scripture.

To listen to just the sermon audio you have two choices: use the controls below to download or listen, or subscribe to our podcast at

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