Small Groups at Faith

We believe community and Bible study are a big part of Christian life, and to facilitate that in our church body we have a thriving small group ministry. We currently have seven small groups, and if you’re not part of one, let us know and we’ll get you set up. Here’s a list of our groups and when they usually meet. Many are flexible on the schedule, but all usually meet weekly.

On Sunday evenings we have one small group meeting, led by Harry and Barb Hammond. On Monday evening we have a group led by Dr. John Everett and his wife Debbie. Wednesday is the usual day for the groups led by Mike and Cindy Ekkens, Jim and Denise Ackerman, Pastor Paul and Jill Lamberson and our newest group led by Bob and Carole White. Pastor Michael and Courtney Peterson lead our final small group on Thursday evening.

White’s Small Group

Ackerman Small Group

Ekkens Small Group

Everett Small Group

Hammond Small Group

Lamberson Small Group

Peterson Small Group