The Church – the House of God

Today’s sermon continues the short series on the three institutions ordained by God, focusing today on the church. Taken from Acts 2:36-47, today’s sermon is “The Church – the House of God.”  Listen, with your bibles open. Play in new window | Download

Four Things that will Help Your Home

Listen, as Pastor Basham uses God’s word to tell of four things that will help you in your home. You’ll need your bible handy and open as you listen. Today’s recording starts a little bit into his sermon because of recording difficulties.  We apologize for the omission. Join us in person next week to be Read More …

Three Institutions Ordained by God

Today, join us for Pastor Basham’s introduction to a short series of sermons on the three institutions that are ordained by God – the family, civil government, and the church. Listen with us, and look forward to the next few weeks as he talks of what God’s word says on each of these. Play Read More …

Noah’s Day

Go back to Genesis 6 with us as Pastor Basham looks at what was going on in Noah’s day and invites the comparison to our day. Is it really that different now? What does that mean for us – how should we respond? Play in new window | Download