Wait, what?

Pastor Lamberson starts his look at the death and resurrection of Lazarus in today’s message from John 11:1-16. Listen along with your bibles open as Pastor teaches us of:

  • a sickness,
  • a delay,
  • a debate,
  • a sermon,
  • a misunderstanding,
  • a clarification and
  • another misunderstanding.

But before the message, please join us in a time of song and scripture, as we celebrate the first week of the Advent season, and look at the hope, the promise, of the coming of the Messiah, and what that means to us as believers.  Please sing along with us in joyful worship – you truly are singing to an audience of one!

To listen to just the sermon audio you have two choices: use the controls below to download or listen, or subscribe to our podcast at castbox.fm.

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