Prayer, Part 6 – Amen!

Pastor completes his series on prayer, using the prayer Jesus gave to His disciples as a model, as he looks at Matthew 5:9-13, focusing on verses 12 and 13. Join us as we worship together, and listen for some exciting news!

One of the songs in the playlist is a new one, and I invite you, if you don’t know it, to listen. If you want, you can replay it and sing along, but it is a great song reminding us of Jesus’ forgiveness of us, and what that means for us. So again, hit play, sit back, and join us in singing praise to God, and worshiping Him together through the expounding of His word.

And pray – pray for the people of the church, pray for the ministry of the church, pray that the kingdom of God may be evident to the community in our church today, and in weeks to come.

If you want to download the audio of the sermon to listen later, use the controls below.

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