Bonnie’s Book of the Month – July 2019

Happy July everyone. This month I am featuring Lauraine Snelling’s collection of novels in FBC library. I have recently read a few of her books and have enjoyed each and every one. When I totally fall into a book, I am living this story along with the main character. Do you do that? Everything else is put on hold for a while.

“One Perfect Day” is about Nora Peterson who is determined to have a perfect Christmas because her twin daughters will be going to college next year. As you can guess, that does not happen, however, the details become very interesting and exciting as you read on. Give this one a try.

“The Brushstroke Legacy” weaves together the stories of three generations of women. This story leads us to believe that no matter the circumstances, we are called to use our gifts, never knowing when they might bring a stranger to a new place of hope. Excellent book.

Lauraine Snelling’s books are on the bottom shelf of the novels section. I will leave a couple on my desk. Please take a few minutes check out the library.

Pastor Paul’s pick this month is “A Little Book on the Christian Life” by John Calvin. I read it this week and recommend it highly.

Happy reading,

Bonnie Billings

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