Winter 2019 Bible Study

What can a 3000 year-old piece of history teach us about worship? The purpose of this study is to invite readers to worship God in God’s way through the “Object Lesson” of the Tabernacle, Jesus Christ. From the first lesson we will observe that centuries before the Tabernacle was constructed, God taught His people about worship. We’ll discover that the earthly Tabernacle and all its components hold a spiritual significance and was actually a model of the “true Tabernacle” in Heaven, where Jesus Christ is eternally worshiped as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Join us Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm or Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am for this exciting and life-changing study. Both meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Life Principles for Worship From the Tabernacle

Date Study Page
1/15 or 1/16 Worship from Adam to Aaron 1
1/22 or 1/23 Where We Meet God 13
1/29 or 1/30 Enter His Gates 33
2/5 or 2/6 The Holy Place 49
2/12 or 2/13 Enter His Presence 63
2/19 or 2/20 Ministers to the LORD 75
2/26 or 2/27 The Debt of Sin 89
3/5 or 3/6 The Devotion of Surrender 107
3/12 or 3/13 Positioning for Worship 123
3/19 or 3/20 False Worship 137
3/26 or 3/27 True Worship 151
4/2 or 4/3 Christ, Our High Priest 169

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