The Big Picture

Pastor Michael reluctantly gets to the end of this wonderful series on the book of Ruth.  Listen to this happy ending to a tale of redemption for Ruth, Naomi and for us, as believers in the redeeming work of Jesus.  What good news!  In fact, it’s good enough to share with others! Play in Read More …

The Town Gate

This Sunday, Pastor Michael walks us from the threshing floor to the town gate as Boaz confronts the other kinsman redeemer about Naomi.  Listen along with us, with your bibles open to the book of Ruth, chapter 4. Play in new window | Download

Ruth in the Field of Boaz, Part 2

Take a walk in the field of Boaz with us, and listen in on the conversation between Boaz and Ruth.  What a delightful and profitable lesson in God’s protection and provision as seen in the lives of Ruth and Boaz.  Read along in Ruth 2:4-13. Play in new window | Download

Ruth in the Field of Boaz

This morning, Pastor Michael opened God’s word to the book of Ruth once again, and continued his teaching on this wonderful narrative of God’s faithful provision,  Listen along as he teaches of God’s wonderful care for all His children from Ruth 2:1-3. Play in new window | Download

Return to Bethlehem

We return, with Naomi and Ruth, to Bethlehem as Pastor Michael teaches us more of this tremendous story of love found in Ruth 1:14-22.  Listen along as Ruth clings to Naomi, and follows her back to Bethlehem. Play in new window | Download