The Bible, God, the Holy Spirit

We’re into the second week of our session of review of the church’s statemen, or confession, of faith, led by Pastor Basham.  Here is the second lesson, recorded Friday, March 4, 2022. To listen to today’s sermon, use the controls below to listen online, subscribe to our podcast here at or just listen to today’s sermon. Read More …

Our Confession of Faith, Week One

Listen in as Pastor Terry begins an 8 week look at Faith Baptist Church’s Confession of Faith, beginning with this week’s introduction and background.  Download the class notes and have them handy as you listen. Play in new window | Download

This we believe!

Pastor Terry has begun an 8-week study on Faith’s “Statement of Faith,” or our “Doctrinal Statement,” or “Confession,” which is meeting twice a week, once on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM, and a repeat on Friday mornings at 9:00 AM. They are being held in the Fellowship Hall, outside the office area.  No reservation is Read More …

Circumcision – Again?

We return to Romans 2, finishing the chapter with verses 28-29, as Pastor Basham teaches about the circumcision of the heart, and what that means to those who believe. You will need your bible available and open, ready to follow today. Play in new window | Download

What’s the Big Deal?

We go back to our study in Romans today, as Pastor Basham discusses the topic of circumcision – the circumcised, the uncircumcised, and what it all means.  Open God’s word to Romans 2:17-29 and listen along with us. Play in new window | Download