The Acts of the Holy Spirit (Book 2)

Happy New Year!! We are resuming our in-person Ladies’ Bible study starting Wednesday, January 20th at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.
We will have our same space as in our Fall study and will continue to wear masks and practice social distancing until further notice. 😊  We can accommodate 12 ladies in this space. This is a much-needed, precious time of cooperative study, fellowship, and prayer in these chaotic days.
We will pick up where we left off in November with Book 2 of The Acts of the Holy Spirit, Guidance for the Christian Walk by Eddie Rasnake. It is a 12-week interactive study of the Book of Acts, Chapters 13-28. If you missed the first study, don’t worry – this study stands alone.
As with the last study of the first twelve chapters we will continue to walk through Acts verse by verse, learning the results of the Holy Spirit coming to dwell in believers in the 1st century and how the gospel spread from Jerusalem and Judea to the uttermost parts of the world. We will find many spiritual principles applicable for our own walk with God like:
  • How to wait on God
  • What it means to surrender to the Lord
  • Trusting God’s sovereignty
  • Dealing with persecution;
  • How to be a witness for Christ
This is an easily understood and down-to-earth study. Eddie Rasnake is the co-author of our other Following God studies and wrote the studies we did on the Will of God, Spiritual Warfare, Romans, and Ephesians.
We are looking forward to exploring God’s Word together this winter.  Order your workbook here and come to the first session with Lesson One prepared.
Please email me your intention to attend as seating is limited to 12 due to social distancing. If there is a need for a second session we are flexible!

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