Update on Meeting Plans

The Board of Deacons met with Pastors Paul and Michael last night (Friday, December 11) to discuss immediate meeting plans for the church in light of the current situation.  The decision was made to remain in a virtual, remote worship mode through the end of the year, and into early January, with current plans to resume meeting together in person on January 17, 2021.  The family meeting, scheduled for this Sunday, will now be held the following week, January 24. 

There were many things that went into this decision, and it was not made lightly.  Here is a bullet list of some of the thoughts that went into that decision.

  • When we made the decision to go virtual earlier in the year, there were very few cases in our area.  That has changed now, with a significant jump in cases, including some within our church family. In fact, the Coast Guard cutter has become a hotbed after a recent cruise to Chicago, with many sick and others in quarantine.
  • The State Health Department, due to the current number of COVID-19 related hospitalizations, number of confirmed cases and case positive percentage, has ordered a general pause. It is reasonable and appropriate, in light of these things, to submit, in love, for the sake of Christ and our community.
  • The Cheboygan public schools (K-12th) have decided to remain virtual at least until Jan 5th. This was not an order demanded of them, they decided to do this on their own in light of risk in this community.
  • Many of you have already made the decision to wait it out at home – our attendance the last week we met in person was 54.
  • We have many in our Church who are at increased risk. We need to be protective of them.
  • Many of us traveled for thanksgiving, either having family visit or visiting family, and will do so again for Christmas.  It seems wise to not gather together for this time.
  • What we do, why we do it, and when we do it says something to the community at large. Many are sick of all the restrictions and rules, but to rebel just for the sake of pride or the lack of concern for others is not a Godly message.

Basically, as much as it hurts to be apart, it does not seem safe or wise to meet during this time. We will still provide support as needed, and continue our encouragement through video sermons, worship songs and scripture readings. We provide a number of different ways for you to listen and participate, through our church website, YouTube or podcast, and try to make these available to you through email, Facebook, and Twitter.  Links to all are in the bottom of this email message. 

Please continue to pray for our church family, for our pastors, for our leaders, and our community.  Merry Christmas to all!

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