The Attributes of God

The men of Faith are beginning a new short series of studies on the attributes of God, meeting every other Saturday at 8:00 AM. This study, led by a number of different men, will focus on a eight of the attributes of God, some of His incommunicable attributes, and some of His communicable attributes. The group will meet at the home of Jim and Denise Ackerman initially, and all are welcome to attend. Email Jim for the specifics. We’ll have donuts and coffee, and for the first couple of meetings, at least, we will be in an outdoor setting, until it becomes too chilly to meet outdoors.

The schedule and topics will look something like this, but they, unlike God’s attributes, are subject to change.

September 12, 2020MercyJim Ackerman
September 26, 2020Unity/SimplicityPaul Lamberson
October 10, 2020Aseity/Self-sufficiencyPaul Lamberson
October 24, 2020EternityRon Roush
November 7, 2020Bob White
November 21, 2020ImmutabilityPaul Lamberson
December 5, 2020WrathJim Ackerman
December 19, 2020LoveJim Ackerman
(Schedule subject to change)

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