May Library Newsletter

Hi everyone!  The sun is shining, it’s looking like spring, and that makes me very happy.

This month I am featuring a Philip Yancey book from the “Christian Living” section of the library, “Rumors of Another World.”

Philip Yancey says, “I am where you are…  An ordinary person trying to figure things out.  I’m a human being:  I love, I weep, my friends die, I experience beauty, I live.  And as I live, I try to figure out if there is a God, and what difference that would make.  This book comes out of my own search and is written specifically on behalf of those who live in the borderlands of belief — the region between belief and unbelief.”

This is a wonderful, informative book for you to read, then share with someone who is on the border.

The Christian Living section of the library has many interesting authors.  I hope you take the time to browse through there soon.

Have a blessed month.  Any questions about the library, don’t hesitate to see me.

Bonnie Billings

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