April Library Newsletter

Happy Easter everyone. 

First of all, a special thanks to everyone who helped rescue some books out of the library when we had the water problem a few weeks ago.  The shelf on the floor was the only affected area and out of 85 books on that shelf, we only lost 19 books.  Thank you, Lord.  If the budget allows at the end of the year, we will replace them. 

For those of you who went to date night last Friday at church, we have the CD and kit in the library to be checked out if you wish to host a party.

This month several CDs and books have been checked out and that makes me very happy.  We have a well-stocked library just waiting for you to visit.

Pastor Paul’s April book of the month is “Designed for Joy” by John Piper.  It talks about how the gospel impacts men and women, identity and practice.

We have several novel series from Guideposts that are enjoyable and relaxing reading. 

Bonnie Billings, Faith Baptist church librarian

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